The Assistant

Lousey title, incredible job.

The assistant could be the assistant to the Director or assistant to the producer. In reality they are a problem solver, power broker, and practical needs meeter.

It is not glamorous, but they are the ones who get the copies of the script, the lists of actors or auditions, the sides/pages for auditions, who secures the room before and after an audition or read through or rehearsal or performance. They handle the phone to make sure people get the information they need - like where and when they are supposed to show up, what they need to bring with them. Including the Director and the Producer, who sometimes would forget their head it if wasn't attached.

The assistant sets out the munchies, tells people where to find the bathroom, talks with the site manager if the production

The Assistant is the Stage Manager for a small radio production group. They get everything in line so everybody else can do their job. It is a great position for a picky poo control freak, assuming they are on their meds. It is a great place to learn how to direct, or produce, or engineer, or act, or do any of the other "creative" jobs (that is, the jobs people think of when they think of your show).

It is often unappreciated, if not actually insulted by the delicate egos involved in a performing art. But without them, nothing would get done - or it would get done on time or correctly.

If you are ask to be an assistant, it is not an insult. It means they think you can handle the juggling act that the assistant performs.


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