The Final Destination

Where Do Your Shows Go?

The internet may help you identify an audience that will be your only marketing, or it may open channels of promotion to allow you to reach your audience, or make sales of copies of the recording.

You can sell CDs of the shows, or make it a download product through iTunes or other music marketing systems.

First, you have the choice of Internet, for distribution, Podcast or other delivery to your audience, and you have the Internet to allow you to reach your people - mystery, horror, terror, experimental … anything you can imagine.

The most significant change to the scene is the availability of high level audio recording and production. We will go out on a limb and recommend an amazing, powerful, audio editing program - which is FREE.

When you get your final mix, make copies, hide them in a bank vault, or make sure other people can supply this version if the unthinkable happens to your master tapes, computer or website.


Immediately make copie sfor the participants. This is simple courtesy, but is also the first round of promotion - your performers will try to get their family or friends to hear the show. They might even want their enemies to hear it. It improves the visibility of your show in the market and could generate some good reviews.

Mailing Address and eMail Address

Ask for a physical addresses and email addresses for everyone who buys your show, but don't be a jerk about it. If they don't want ot give out the information, respect that. The list of sales will be the beginning of promotion for future shows.

Sales Channels

How will you sell your show? Do you have a website? Are you selling through iTunes or other streaming service? Do you have a podcst where you can tease the audience and build up a desire to hear your whole series?

if you don't know how to sell it is worth your time, and a percentage of sales, to get someone who doe sknow. Or to take the time to learn how to do the sales job needed to get income from your art. Some people do not believe in pushing what they produce, but the world has to know it is available. Little birds do not fly down to tell them. Pixies don't whisper there is a great new show they need to hear. There is no disturbance in the force - at least not if you've done it right.

Be proud of what you do and let othe rpeople share your production.


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