The Mix

If you have not performed live, with music and sound effects performed in sync with a studio audience, you will be recording multi-track to add music, sound effects, and maybe even som voices, in the multi-track recording of your show. You might add some multi-track effects to "sweeten" a live performance (improved the dramatic effect).


A multi-track mix of a show will "layer" sounds to shift the listener's attention from one element to another, as is needed to build the dramatic tension and deliver plot points.

It may take a while to develop that skill, but with modern recording and computer editing you can try several ways to ensure one element doexn'g conflict with another, and that the sequence builds your scene.

Preliminary Mix

When you have made your initial choices, do a mix of your show - a Preliminary. When you have become experienced with the production process, this may be your final mix. But most often you will find there are things you would like to sound better and you will go back - for another preliminary, or for your final.


This is the version of the show to be released, played on radio stations, heard on cassette, CD or MP3 files, and becomes "the show" for all time. Don't be afraid to hold off on declaring a version "final" until you have had several people hear it, and you have given a little time so you can go back to hear it again with fresh ears.


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