Music Direction

There was a time the only option was to hire a musician or a performing group. You can still hire a musician or more, but we live in a time where a single talented musician can use a keyboard or other computer tricks to create the illusion of a full orchestra, or a single alien lament with an unknown instrument.

You may be content with the stereotypical barrel house organ tho handle all themes, stings, and transitions. Or you may want to find other options that serve your story.

You will also have the option of using recorded, Open Source compositions through Creative Commons, or individual composers who post their work for exactly that source.

Although it has not been handled successfully very often, it is also possible to NOT have music for the standard themes, stings and transitions. The classic program GANGBUSTERS used sound effects as their opening scene - sirens, machine guns, marching feet and the announcer. They used music when it would appear in the location with their characters - in a bar, at a dance, a street performer in the background.

As with most elements of any creative art, the absence of something can be more effective, dramatically, than its presence.


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