The Sound Effects Technician

Sound Effects

Sound Effects ClassLive is better than pre-recorded.

This is the one part of the production that will mark the difference between a nearly magical production, where EVERYONE has the experience of the writer’s story.

The Sound Effects artist, also taught as “foley” artist from film production. This sound magician provides the right atmosphere to take the audience into the world of the story, but like all great performance should be invisible. The audience must NEVER listen to the show and say, “Boy, what great sound effects!”

Sound effects must naturally appear where it supports the telling of the story - as if the microphone has simply caught a real moment. The audience should not wonder how they got broken glass in the studio, they should see - in the privacy of their perfect imagination - the hand reaching through the window to open the locked door and do … horrible things.

Sound Effects Crew from the Golde AgeThere are number of books on sound effects available - from the Golden Age and the most recent guides to doing “foley” sound effects for films. Sound Effects will require someone willing to learn for the passed masters, and come up with their own solutions.

The question is never “How did they do that in the old days” but “How can I make this sound exactly right”. If you look for your answer, it will come, whether from old radio instruction or your own imagination.


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