The Team

Once the script is ready, or possibly as part of the decision of what to write, is the question “How will this be produced?” Are you going to have this story recorded and mixed in post production, or will it be peformed before a live audience with all the music and sound effects performed live at the same time?

These will set up the production schedule, the kind of actors who can do that kind of work - recording or live performance.

bullet Who will set the budget?

bulletWho will do the bookkeeping?

bulletWho will maintain the calendar for the production?

bulletWho will duplicate the scripts?

bulletWho will set up the Casting session and rehearsal location?

bulletWho will call the actors after they audition and the cast is set?

bulletWho will set out the snacks, locks up when your done?

bulletWho will gets copies of the show to each participant? The Producer? An Assistant? The Director? The Writer?

bulletWhere will you hold Casting?

bulletWhere will you have the First Read Through session and the Rehearsals?

bulletWhen do you perform?

bulletWhat do people need know before they try to do their jobs?

Since there aren't many radio drama groups around these days, if you have an established radio group together - USE THEM.

But most likely you will have to organize a new group to do make your new script a produced fact.

We have provided different pages for each of these team positions.

The Assistant

The Director

The Engineer

The Music Director

The Sound Effects Technician

The Actors


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